Welcome to the City of Greensboro’s Electronic Plan Review System

The City of Greensboro is proud to announce the creation of a new document management system that allows certain categories of plans, as listed following login to this system, to be submitted electronically for review. The system is called Electronic Plan Review. Since it is tied into the Plan Tracking System, you will still be able to visit our Plan Tracking website to check the status of your plans.

Development Services is located at 300 W. Washington St., which is the main entrance for the Melvin Municipal Office Building. Office hours for Development Services will be Mondays through Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm. The office's phone number is 336-373-2155. Designated free parking will be located at the City / County parking lot at the corner of W. Washington and S. Eugene streets.

Getting Started:

First-time users of this system will need to establish an account through the “create new account” icon located below.

Submitting a plan:

After properly logging into the Electronic Plan Review system, you can upload a file in an electronic format so that all sheets and information are contained in one Abode (.pdf) format file.

Note: After a plan is uploaded to the site, it will be checked to make sure all required information is included before it is forwarded to Plan Tracking. If more information is needed, you will be notified and the system will allow you to re-submit the plan using the same process.

Plan Retrieval

After the plan is reviewed by staff, their comments will be added to the plan and/or Plan Tracking System and the Adobe format plan will be uploaded to Electronic Plan Review. You will be notified immediately that you can download the plan. You can use the Electronic Plan Review system to retrieve the plan with the staff comments.

Resubmitting Plans:

The Electronic Plan Review system allows you to resubmit a revised plan after the City’s review and after all revisions have been made in accordance with staff comments.


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If you have any questions about submitting a plan for review, contact the appropriate person as shown below:

  • Technical Review Committee (TRC) - Luke Carter, Planning Specialist, at 336-373-4342.
  • Commercial Building Review - Kay Altizer at 336-373-2598.