Welcome to the City of Greensboro’s Electronic Plan Review System

All sketch plans, site plans, preliminary subdivision plans, final and exempt plats, and building plans for all work except individual single-family permits come in for review via the Electronic Plan Review system.


Development Services is now using this new electronic plan upload and review system, called Plan Review & Tracking. The new system allows you to upload plans, follow the review process, pay for and download permits, communicate with City staff, and more.

Plan review processes that began before September 1 in this system you are now in, will continue in this system until complete.

Plan review processes that began on September 1 and after, must use only the new Plan Review & Tracking system.

Getting Started:

First-time users of this system will need to establish an account through the "Create Account" or “Create new account” hyperlinks on this page. (Your 5- to 15- character UserID can only use letters and numbers. Your Password must contain at least 1 non-alphanumeric character, and be a minimum of 7 characters.)

Submitting a Sketch Plan, Site Plan or Preliminary Plan (TRC):

Once logged into the Electronic Plan Review system, you can complete the on-line application and upload a file to the site.

  • All application materials must be combined into one Adobe (.pdf) format file.
  • Use only letters and numbers for the Plan Name – special characters cause problems.

    All applications for the Technical Review Committee (TRC) require a completed TRC Cover Sheet as part of the upload.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Stormwater reports and calculations should be e-mailed directly to Stormwater Management staff, Terri Aprile and Vivian Bou-Gomez. Send e-mail. Do NOT attach to the plan upload.

Once a preliminary check shows that required information has been included, and the review fee has been paid, the submittal will be released to the review team. Fees can be paid in-person, with a mailed check, or on-line. (For on-line payment, please contact us for an invoice and allow a day or two for issuance of an invoice number. Once you have an invoice, go here to pay on-line.)

For Sketch Plans, the Planning Coordinator will be in contact with the applicant to set up a meeting date with the TRC as soon as the Sketch Plan is in the system.

Submitting a Final or Exempt Plat:

For Final or Exempt Plats, the same steps and requirements apply, including payment of the review fee. Please submit to the TRC side of the intake system. Applications for Final or Exempt Plats require a completed Plat Review Cover sheet as part of the upload. Either FINAL PLAT or EXEMPT PLAT should be in the name of the plan/project.

Submitting a Commercial Building Plan or Administrative Site Plan (BI):

The same steps and requirements apply to applications coming in through the Commercial Plan Review side of the intake system, including payment of the review fee, before the submittal is released to the review team. For details on Commercial Building Plan Review submittals, see instructions here.

Review Tracking and Comments:

Check the plan's review status through Plan Review Tracking by entering the assigned plan tracking number, an address, plan title, or applicant. (Tracking number is best.)

The first review cycle is ten working days. Subsequent review cycles run either 5 or 10 working days, depending on the scale of the revisions necessary and when the plan is resubmitted.

Review comments for Sketch Plans, Site Plans, Preliminary Subdivision Plans, Final/Exempt Plats and Non-Single Family Building Plans are made available to the applicant in two formats:

  • Written comments emailed through the Plan Tracking System as the reviewer finishes his or her review, and/or
  • Marked-up plans are uploaded to this Electronic Plan Review system and can be read by the applicant from here. Use your login and tracking number to retrieve them.

Resubmitting Plans:

Once all the reviewers have completed their work for that review cycle, you will get an email from the Planning or Building Coordinator indicating that a revised plan can be submitted. The Electronic Plan Review system allows you to upload your revised plans just as was done in the initial submittal process.

Final Plan, Plat or Permit Approval:

Once all reviewers have approved your plan, you will:

  • get an email notifying you to provide 2 to 3 hard-copy plan sets and to upload the approvable plans for final approval (TRC);
  • get an email notifying you to provide mylars and recording fees (plats); or
  • approved building plans will be uploaded to your user account for online retrieval and your permit can be picked up (BI applications);


Sketch Plans, Preliminary Subdivision Plans and larger site plan  go to the Technical Review Committee for final action. Questions? Contact the Planning Coordinator (336-373-4576). (For questions about specific review comments, please contact the reviewer involved.)

Smaller projects, including many Change of Use or Occupancy permits , go through the Administrative Plan review process, as do Commercial Building plans. Questions? Contact the Construction Projects Coordinator at 336-373-2832. (For questions regarding specific review comments, please contact the reviewer involved.)

Final and Exempt Plats go to the Plat Review Process. Recordable plats and recording fees will be requested once the plat has been approved for recording. Questions? Contact the Plat Review Coordinator at 336-412-5757.

Residential Plan review - single family new construction, additions, alterations, renovations and accessory structures - are coordinated by Building Inspections and do not run through Electronic Plan Review. For Residential Plan Review, please visit this page.

Find Us:  Development Services, UG Level, Melvin Municipal Office Building at 300 W. Washington Street. The Development Services Office is reached through the first left after entering the building from Washington Street. Office hours are Mondays through Fridays, 8 am to 5 pm. Designated free parking is located at the City/County parking lot at the corner of W. Washington and S. Eugene streets. (Remember to come in to the Development Services Office to sign-in your vehicle with your tag number.)


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